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America’s premier telemedicine marketing company and America’s most reliable telemedicine network have joined forces to provide a telemedicine benefit that works …. and it’s backed by a money back guarantee!

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How Telemedicine Works
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Our company was conceived with a vision of tackling the four biggest issues in healthcare using telemedicine as the core benefit:

Healthcare Access

Patients are waiting days, even months, for a doctor’s appointment. Many others use the ER for primary care. We tackle these problems by providing 24/7/365 access to quality care anytime, anywhere through our national network of board-certified physicians.

Cost Containment

Amidst rising premiums, double-digit increases in health care fees, and out-of-pocket expenses growing at twice the rate of inflation, Telemedicine offers quality, 24/7/365 care at a fraction of the cost of urgent care and ER visits, saving everyone time and money.

Quality Control

With healthPERX timely access and lower costs doesn’t come at the expense of quality healthcare. Our national network of board-certified, licensed physicians use the strictest quality control and clinical protocols in the industry. That’s why we have a 98.5% client retention rate.


The success of any Telemedicine program hinges on active employee engagement and utilization of the service. Currently, utilization rates are in low single digits. Our proven Engagement Strategy uses consumer behavior information and marketing communications to change this.


Telemedicine benefits typically come with a medical consult fee. Utilization can be expected to increase by 10% for every $10 reduction in the consult fee. This means a reduction from $40 a call to $0 per call will result in a 400% increase in utilization …. IF THERE IS AN ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM IN PLACE.

healthPERX offers Telemedicine services with a $0 medical consult fee and a money back guarantee!


Within 30 days, the majority of employees have completely forgotten they have access to a Telemedicine benefit. Other stats that point to the importance of an Engagement and Utilization program include:

  • More than 30 million people currently are provided Telemedicine benefits through their employer or their insurance plan.
  • Less than 4% ever use this benefit.
  • More than 90% of traditional doctor visits can be handled with Telemedicine.


The greatest benefit for employers is the appropriate redirection of care to a more affordable and easier to utilize alternative:

  • 36% of callers would have gone to primary care physician
  • 42% would have gone to urgent care center
  • 1% would have gone to a specialist
  • 12% would have used the ER
  • A call to a doctor can save more than $260 per call

*Based on 2017 year-end statistics.

Learn More About Our Engagement & Utilization Program

About healthPERX

healthPERX | Making Telemedicine Work

HealthPerx is a health and wellness marketing company, in operation since 2008, specializing in the Telemedicine industry as well as other benefits that reduce claims. healthPerx has developed a proprietary turnkey solution that builds awareness, drives engagement and creates utilization, resulting in significant utilization and a rapid ROI.

healthPERX has worked with some of the largest Telemedicine providers in the country.

healthPERX has developed a reputation built on quality, performance, reliability, and customer service.

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The greatest benefit to employers is a significant reduction in healthcare costs …. without any financial risk.

The greatest benefit to employees is immediate access to healthcare-anytime, anywhere—and an average savings of more than $1,100 a year in out of pocket costs.

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healthPERX For Everyone


Employers can save costs by implementing Telemedicine into their benefits packages, while also saving their employees time and money by giving them better access to care.


With more organizations looking to implement their own Telemedicine program, healthPERX will work with you to offer your clients a proven platform from a leader in the industry.


Your employees will have affordable easy access to affordable, quality healthcare anytime, anywhere.


Give your dues-paying association members a benefit that helps you acquire new members and retain existing ones.

Colleges & Universities

Faculty and Staff: Decreasing healthcare costs and reducing absenteeism can provide significant savings to your bottom line.

Students: Give tech savvy students the latest in medical technology and keep them in the classroom.

Start Saving Today! Request a Quote.

The greatest benefit to employers is a significant reduction in healthcare costs …. without any financial risk.

The greatest benefit to employees is immediate access to healthcare-anytime, anywhere—and an average savings of more than $1,100 a year in out of pocket costs.

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Telemedicine Resources

Employee Engagement

Within 30 days, most employees have forgotten they have a Telemedicine benefit. We make sure that doesn’t happen with a proven Engagement and Utilization Program.

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Before You Buy Telemedicine

There are numerous Telemarketing companies to choose from. Telemedicine is not a commodity. It is a service. Like any product or service, not all are equal. Buyer beware.

How to Select a Telemedicine Provider

Telemedicine: An Overview

Telemedicine is an alternative to a costly, time-consuming doctor or urgent care visit and it costs nothing to give it a try. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Our Overview should answer most of your questions.

Learn How Telemedicine Works

Case Study: Municipal

Telemedicine offers organizations, both large and small, the ability to save hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly by doing just one thing. Offering employees Telemedicine as a healthcare alternative. See how a large municipality in Ohio saved $224,747 in 12 months by offering their employees Telemedicine.

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