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Engagement & Utilization

You Need Engagement & Utilization to Produce ROI

In order for a Telemedicine benefit to work for the employer, two barriers must be overcome.

The first is the cost to both the organization and individual. The second is the active engagement and eventual utilization of the Telemedicine service by the employee.

Let’s look at these two variables in more detail.

Issue #1: Plan Design

Industry-wide utilization rates are mired in low single digits. The promise of Telemedicine saving companies money is actually doing the opposite in many cases because of their plan design.

Most Telemedicine benefits come with a medical consultation fee. The employee must pay anywhere from $10 to $55 to talk to the doctor. Employers who opt for a low access fee for the service and expect their employees to pay the medical consult fee are seeing from 1%-5% utilization.

Research over the past 10 years has demonstrated that reducing the medical consult fee increases the utilization. In fact, eliminating the consult fee altogether will increase utilization by up to 400%.

Note: We offer a $0 medical consult fee with a guaranteed ROI!

Add to that a comprehensive engagement and communication program mentioned above and you can increase your utilization rate by more than 800%.

Issue #2: Engagement Strategy

Telemedicine has been sold as a “commodity” for many years. Most Telemedicine companies continue to fight for market share at “any expense” and, as a result, get caught up in “price wars.” While they focus on growing, they fail to focus on retention. Unfortunately, within 30-60 days, most employees have forgotten they have a Telemedicine benefit.

Telemedicine engagement, much like wellness, requires changing behaviors.

You need to find a company that understands the science of behavior change and focuses on building awareness and engagement, which results in greater utilization.

The primary reason companies consider adding a Telemedicine benefit is to reduce claims and increase ROI.

Your company will need to see 15%-20% utilization to begin to see savings, far more than what is happening in the industry.

The company you select must have a multi-faceted proven communication strategy or your Telemedicine benefit will NOT work.

healthPERX Engagement Program

Our proprietary Engagement Program is based in a strategy of using a wealth of consumer behavior information and marketing communications tactics to increase the utilization of each firms Telemedicine benefit package. They include:

  • Partnering with our clients to achieve mutual goals.
  • Making it as easy for them by handling almost all of the administration.
  • Applying lessons learned so they don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Equipping organizations and their employees for success, by providing marketing materials, interactive tools, client, and member portals, and guidance.
  • Helping by delivering consistent and captivating communications.
  • Devoting time, energy and commitment.

Bottom Line: Our clients are seeing 800%-1,000% greater utilization than the rest of the industry.

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