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MDLIVE Behavioral Health Services

Nearly 25% of Americans have an untreated behavioral health condition.
Don’t your employees deserve better?

With MDLIVE Behavioral Health Services, you’re providing your employees access to licensed behavioral health providers, giving them the care they need in a way that fits their lives.

A behavioral health crisis:

  • 66% of all people with a diagnosable mental illness do not seek treatment.
  • National average wait time for an initial behavioral health visit is 33 days and counting.
  • 50% of counties in the United States have no mental health professionals.
  • Four common barriers keep workers from seeking the help. They need:
    • Lack of recognition that help is needed
    • Lack of awareness about services
    • Lack of convenient services
    • Lack of privacy and fear of stigma

Increasing costs

  • Depression alone costs $44 billion in lost productivity every year
  • The estimated behavioral health costs for employers per employee: $1,600 in direct costs and lost productivity + $3,300 in medical care each year
  • Short-term disability claims are rising 10% annually due to mental illness in the workplace.
  • Behavioral health issues are often associated with other chronic conditions that drive a 46% increase in costs over those with a chronic medical condition alone.
  • Individuals with depression are about twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease, twice as likely to have a stroke, and about four times as likely to die from a heart attack within 6 months

A better solution

Now you can virtually connect your employees with psychiatrists and licensed behavioral health providers through secure and private online video sessions, wherever and whenever they need them. Traveling for work or vacation? Need an appointment before/after work hours or on weekends? Can’t fit an office visit in because of your busy schedule or a long commute? MDLIVE Behavioral Health Services remove the barriers to the best quality care for your employees.

MDLIVE was designed and optimized using best practices for client engagement and
customer experience, resulting in:

  • Fewer missed appointments – Employees are less likely to run into problems when they can meet a provider from wherever they are. Our “no show” rate is 3.5%, significantly lower than the industry average of 30-40%.
  • More flexible and convenient hours – Video counseling makes it more convenient for your employees to access services on weekends and evenings.
  • Greater accessibility – Employees have greater provider access and are not limited to a geographical area because they live far away, have trouble finding childcare, are homebound, travel, or are just busy.
  • Improved outcomes – Patients using telehealth services find it easier to follow through on a treatment plan; 86% of our clients who complete a first session continue to use our services, and 8 out of 10 patients show improvement over time.
  • High patient satisfaction – 93% of our clients say they’re satisfied with the experience

MDLIVE and your company: partners in effective behavioral healthcare

We know that early and ongoing education is critical for successfully treating behavioral health issues and effectively lowering costs for both you and your employees. Clear, consistent communication of MDLIVE enables members to understand, appreciate, and effectively utilize their telehealth benefit. That’s why the MDLIVE team works hard to support you and your employees through tools like the following:

  • Welcome Kits – Our Welcome Kit process is designed to answer member questions, help them understand the concept of telehealth, and educate them on what behavioral health issues MDLIVE doctors can treat, driving members to activate their account before they need to use MDLIVE. The result is greater adoption rates and engagement with the MDLIVE platform.
  • Free Online Assessments – Learn about your behavioral health symptoms and potential conditions through MDLIVE’s free online assessments, designed to measure depression, anxiety, stress, and your risk of stress-related illness due to recent life changes. These assessments do not give a diagnosis alone but can help a therapist work with you on an appropriate treatment plan.
  • The MDLIVE Marketing Hub – With more than 150 engagement materials and “ready-to-go” campaigns available, you’ll find everything you need to encourage activation of MDLIVE Behavioral Health Services among your workforce. All materials can be customized with your logo, URL, phone number, and branding, so you can easily and quickly send out informative materials on topics such as managing stress levels and communication in relationships. New campaigns are added weekly in dozens of formats and mediums so you can use the components that work best for your company.